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Why is it important to get your chimney swept?

Chimney fires are caused by the build up of tar and resin in the flue. Regular sweeping will minimise the risk.
Even a partially blocked flue may cause Carbon Monoxide to enter your rooms and not just the room with the appliance (it can find its way into any adjacent rooms). It is colourless, odourless and can be deadly.
We always provide honest, expert advice to help to keep your chimneys safe and clear.

In addition to power sweeping, we also offer the following services

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Open fires come in all sorts and sizes from standard open fires to very large inglenooks and from back boilers to cast iron ranges. Each fire has its own flue design and construction from clay lined, to square brick, to lime mortar lined. Each fire and flue requires certain methods using specialist equipment to clean correctly and to avoid damage.

Chimney and Sky


All types of nest including Birds, Wasps and Squirrels

Nests can block flues causing Carbon Monoxide poisoning and are a serious Fire Hazard. Birds nests in particular can cause a Biological Hazard resulting in possible disease spread as well as smells, maggots and fly infestations.



Supplied and Fitted

It is important to fit a long lasting, secure bird guard which complies with current legislation. Bird guards should be stainless steel, of the correct mesh size and be secured to the pot. Many guards and insert cowls are incorrect and dangerous.



Supplied and Fitted

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas that can be present in the fumes from the combustion of fuel’s which aren’t burnt under the correct conditions. Fuels such as gas, oil, solid mineral fuel and biomass all have the potential to emit CO. The gas cannot be seen, smelled or tasted making it difficult to detect. All rental properties should have working CO detectors by law. There should be a detector for every room where there is an apliance.

Our Services: Services
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